2010 Conference Handouts

Speakers’ Presentations for the 2010 Fall Conference

1. “The Economic Outlook & BC’s Real Estate Market” – Helmut Pastrick (no presentation)

2. The Long and Travelled Road” – Ann Wilson, Fran Crowhurst, Deborah Miller & Tony Capuccinello

3.An Overview of the Cambie Street Merchants’ Class Action Proceeding” – Paul Bennett

4. Case Law Update

5.New Developments in Litigation: Claims for Wrongful and Excessive Taking” – P.D. (Don) MacDonald

6. Heaven and Earth – The Valuation and Survey of Subsurface and Aerial Volumetric Partial Takings – Stuart Carmichael, Carl Nilsen, Hans Troelsen

7. “Acquistion of Land – The Property Agent’s Perspective” – Phil McKenzie & Charles Neustaedter

8. “Judge’s Perspective on Expert Evidence, Expert Reports and the New Supreme Court Civil Rules” – Madam Justice Barbara Fisher (Oral presentation)

9. “Avoiding Formal Expropriations: Alternative and Cooperative Approaches” – Shane Rayman (no presentation)