2022 Conference Handouts

Speakers’ Presentations for the 2022 Fall Conference

1. “Economic Outlook”Ken Peacock

2. “Expropriation Inquiries and Judicial Reviews: A Primer in the Context of Expropriation”Sukhbir (Sukh) Manhas & Evan Cooke

3. “Crossing the Line: Avoidable Missteps by Litigation Practitioners”Dan Yaverbaum

4. “Long Term Leasehold Interests”Neil Hahn

5. “Annual Case Law Review”Salim Hirji

6. “Wisdom, Wit, and Wine” – Carl Nilsen (no presentation)

7. “Bright Lights, Big City: Spotlight on the Broadway Corridor” – Doug Fourchalk¬† (presentation not available)

8. “The Bright Line: When does government regulation become de facto expropriation?”Phong Phan & Aurora Faulkner-Killam

9. “Agreeing to Disagree”Sarah McCalla