2016 Conference Handouts

Speakers’ Presentations for the 2016 Fall Conference

1. “Insights into the B.C. Housing Market” – Tsur Somerville (presentation not available)

2. “Appraiser’s View of Partial Takings” – Brett Garnett

3. “The Art of File Management” – Greg Simmons & Doug Fourchalk

4. “Exploring the Boundaries of Private Expropriations” – Evan Cooke

5. “The Future of Flushing” – Paul Dufault 

6. “Bridging the Congestion Conundrum” – Mike Proudfoot (presentation not available)

7. “TransLink Update” – Derrick Cheung and Jeffrey Busby 

8. “Understanding Project Impacts on Agricultural Lands” – Bruce McTavish 

9a. “From Rail Corridor to Recreational Gateway” – Bill Aujla 

9b. “From Rail Corridor to Recreational Gateway” – Doug Gilchrist (presentation not available)

10. “Survey 101” – Monty Brisson (presentation not available)

11. “Annual Case Law Update” – James Goulden & Phong Phan