2018 Conference Handouts

Speakers’ Presentations for the 2018 Fall Conference

1. “Economic Outlook”Andrew Ramlo  

2. “Tax Planning in Expropriations”Adam Scherer and Shane Rayman

3. “Development Planning Analysis as a Foundation to Valuation”Oleg Verbenkov and Rosa Shih

4. “Becoming Tech Savvy in a Geospatial World”George Jennings and Sean Hughes

5. “Two Million Property Assessments: All in a Year’s Work”Grant McDonald

6. “Case Law Update”Tim Quirk & Jeff Frame 

7. “Below the Surface: A look into BC Hydro’s new West End Substation Project” – Andrew Leonard and Tony Lee

8. “Advocacy and Business Loss Claims”Phong Phan and Evan Cooke

9. “Rail Corridor Valuation: Staying on Track”Carl Nilsen and Joseph Gombas