2019 Conference Handouts

Speakers’ Presentations for the 2019 Fall Conference

1. “Economic Outlook”Tsur Somerville  

2. “Public Inquiries”Alan Hincks and Phong Phan

3. “Mediation of Compensation Claims”William Holder

4. “Writing Effective Reports”Paul McEwen

5. “Dueling Opinions, Experts at Odds”Allan Beatty

6. “Case Law Update”Tim Quirk and Jeff Frame 

7. “ALC – Changes and Effects”Kim Grout

8. “Metrolinx Land Acquisition”Patricia Simpson

9a. “Using Expropriation to Address Climate Change”Emily McClendon

9b. “Factors Affecting Land Values in Greater Vancouver”Jessica Toppanzzini

9c. “Advanced Cost Payments and Additional Exposure” – Aurora Faulkner-Killam